Binay Shetty


Binay Shetty is the Chairman of UX Holdings. Binay has over 14 years of experience, with a focus on strategy and corporate governance. His experience in building and growing international businesses has been central in shaping the overall strategy and direction of the company.

Binay is also an Executive Director at Finablr. He is responsible for setting the strategic vision and direction for the Finablr Group, defining its priorities and providing advice on developments that can have an impact on the Group's strategic initiatives.

Prior to his current responsibility, Binay was a board member of NMC Health PLC, where he also held the position of Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the operations, human resources, marketing, technology and project management functions. Binay brings a strong combination of leadership acumen and cross-industry expertise.

Binay holds a degree in Business Administration with a specialisation in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Boston University in the United States. He also serves as Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BRS Ventures Investments Limited. Binay is a board member of the Indian Business & Professional Group Abu Dhabi, the Center for Technology and Economic Development (a research center at New York University Abu Dhabi) and the UAE Genetic Diseases Association. He is also a managing trustee of the Dr. B.R. and Dr. C.R. Shetty Foundation.